“The Perpetuum product has been deployed on a trial basis on some of our trains over the past year, and we have been very impressed by the information it provides us and the ease of use. We foresee a very rapid return on the investment and a solution to unlocking a number of important issues. The system has the potential to redefine the way we undertake some significant and costly elements of fleet maintenance.”

Wayne Jenner, Engineering Director of Southeastern Railways


 “This is an industry-leading solution; a first for the rail industry, that incorporates the use of a vibrational energy harvesting powered system to measure traction motor bearing degradation and report it as a single index, Motor Health Index (MHI). The successful implementation of the technology on other projects means that it can be expanded to monitor other systems on the train.”

Dave Smale, Engineering Director, KeolisAmey Docklands


 “Wheelset and bogie condition monitoring, as we are doing here with Perpetuum, is part of an ever larger Eversholt Rail policy of moving its maintenance methodology towards a data driven and real time operation that will increase availability and reduce cost for our valued clients, like London Southeastern.”

Andy Course, COO of Eversholt Rail


 “Enabling service trains to report ‘live’ information back to the maintainer about changes in the condition will provide the necessary time to mitigate delays, limit the dependency on measurement trains and increase the safety for track inspection teams. Real time condition monitoring of the track would also enable a fundamental change in the way the whole system interfaces are managed between operators and infrastructure managers”

Simon Taylor, Systems Manager LNW, Network Rail


 “London Southeastern has been committed to maximising the performance of its fleets as it endeavours to deliver some of the most challenging timetables in the country, Using live information on the bogie’s true condition to inform our maintenance regime has been instrumental to this, along with building a systems approach to asset management by integrating track condition into the wheelset management decision making.”

Mark Johnson, Engineering Director of Southeastern


“Energy harvesting delivers significant economic benefits, not just from avoiding power module replacement costs, but also by eliminating unnecessary maintenance logistics and relieving skilled labor to concentrate on more essential plant operations.”

Bob Karschnia, vice president of Smart Wireless Solutions for Emerson Process Management